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From an eye-opening workshop organized by 759 Store on the 26th March 2014, 28 of our Form 4 students learned the profile, business nature and development of the company. In addition, through the Tasting Workshop, students learned more about the marketing principles and strategies of the company.

Let's see what the students had to say about this visit.

I learned about marketing strategies. For example, the company will use a variety of ways to promote their products. They interview the founders, use Facebook or websites as a means of promotion, etc. Besides, the company is operated with good social morality and they sell products at a reasonable price so that we can afford to buy and enjoy different kinds of food.

Wong Ka Man (4G-27)

I learnt about ways to promote a successful food retail industry. Also, I gained knowledge in problem-solving. Finally, I knew more about the company’s profile and understood why they were not willing to let a franchise run the company.

Tang Yuen Ying Samantha (4R-11)

The visit was really meaningful and I was able to apply the knowledge that I have learnt in Economics and BAFS lessons to the experience, such as “setting the prices lower for a higher sale” and the disadvantages of using franchise practices in this company. In the “Tasting Workshop” activity, we were just like the management committee of the company. We tasted the snacks and evaluated their rate of sale. Also, we had to propose some marketing strategies to increase the sales volume. It was really a valuable opportunity for us to apply what we have learnt in lessons. It strengthened our knowledge.

Choi Lai Wa (4G-4)

I was impressed by the talk held by the marketing Manager the most. He did not only introduce the development of the business, but also explained the keys to success.

I really appreciated the business as it had its own principles for running the business such as setting the prices lower for a higher sale.

I believe “Rome is not built in a day”, there must be a lot of effort and work behind the glory. They overcame different dilemmas to forge each success. My inspiration and determination to never give up and to chase my dream knows no bounds.

Jessica Lee (4G-9)

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  • Group presentation
  • Group presentation
  • Souvenir presentation