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Entering secondary school is a new chapter of our lives. In order to mark this special part of our growth and express our gratitude to all- to our dear Lord, our school, our teachers and our loving parents, a Growth Celebration Ceremony was held on October 19th ,2013. It was a great experience for us all.

The ceremony has been the most memorable event in our secondary life here so far. One of the highlights of the ceremony was the photo album shown to us in the hall. It refreshed our memories of all the precious moments we have had in participating in school events.

Then our Big brothers and Big sisters brought us to some classrooms with our parents because we were going to have a significant activity called “Milestone of My Life”. Everyone was nervous at that moment since they were asked to read their letter written to parents in front of the whole class. In fact, it was quite embarrassing but our schoolmates were so overwhelmed with their thankfulness and appreciation that their shyness and embarrassment slipped out of their mind. In our hearts, we just remembered our motto ‘Loving, Caring and Serving’. Some classmates cried as they read the letter and some even could not continue as they were sobbing. Some parents were also in tears. It was the most touching scene we have ever had here! We also took a photo with our parent to keep this sweet memory forever.

Another great moment was the Growth Celebration Ceremony itself. It was our honor to have the benediction by Rev. Chan and blessings from our dear Principal, Miss Emily Wong. She thanked God for letting us become secondary students and wished that we could build up our good character. Finally, when the most exciting moment came, we went on the stage of the hall and put the cards on which we had written our future dream into a ‘time capsule’. We were glad to have Rev. Chan, our teachers and parents to be our witnesses. After six years, the time capsule will be opened and we will receive our dream card again and see if our dreams have come true! The ceremony ended with our hopes and gratitude .As the old saying goes ”living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.” We should have a dream and strive to make it come true. That makes life worth living!

This great event marked our growth into a new phase of our lives and makes us reflect and plan for our future. In the process of working hard for our dream, we will cherish our life by loving, caring and serving.

Daisy Liu and Jessie Luo 1R
  • Mom is touched by the words from her thankful daughter.
  • Look at our warm smiles!
  • What an unforgettable day.
  • What a happy audience!
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  • Miss Emily Wong gave us her blessings.
  • Hope my star will shine bright with my dreams.