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In a sunny afternoon on 5th October, I was happy to join the Orientation-and-Matching Party of the Mentoring Program. The aim of this program is to give guidance to senior form students concerning their study, future careers and even attitude towards life.

This is the second year I have participated in this program. Unlike last year, this year the school does not match us with the mentors. Mentors and mentees need to find their ‘right persons’ themselves. It was a brand-new, exciting experience for all of us!

It was a great programme that day. First, Miss Ho gave us an inspiring briefing on desirable attitude we should have towards the Mentoring Program in order to benefit fruitfully from it. Her advice can be summarized into 3 letters- S.I.R., which stood for ‘Security’, ‘Initiative’ and ‘Responsibility’. After Miss Ho’s briefing, all mentees could get to know the mentors by studying their profiles posted on the bulletin boards.

Then came the climax of the programme, the ‘Getting-to-Know- Each- Other’ Game. The game, which resembles the ‘Big Wind Blows’, was conducted by Miss Emily Wong, our dear Principal. Two or three mentees sat around a mentor who they are interested in and together they chatted for 10 minutes. After that, we changed our groups. There were 6 rounds altogether. During the matching game, most of us felt nervous as we did not know whether we could find our ‘right mentor’. Luckily, the yummy refreshments made us more relaxed as if we were at a tea party. Through this game, we know more about our mentors. We hope that we can be grouped under our favourite mentor who shares similar interests and career aspirations as ourselves.

The Mentoring Program provides us with lots of opportunities for enriching experiences. I have learnt about different fields of careers and career paths. Also, it boosts my confidence in communicating with strangers. Nevertheless, I think one of reasons why I have become more confident would be the ‘family-like’ bond between mentors, who are alumni, and us. Besides, the program sparks me off to think about my future and I hope under the guidance from my mentor, I can find the right direction to pursue my dream.

Last but not least, I would like to give my most sincere thanks to all those who have helped to make the Orientation-and-Matching Party a big success. They are Miss Wong, our principal, Mr. Martin Li and the teachers. We look forward to more enlightening programmes in the future.

Gloria Lee 5G
  • Principal Wong giving advice patiently to all mentees
  • A big Methodist Family
  • That’s the one!
  • The Getting-to-Know-Each-Other Game
  • Friendly and inspiring exchanges
  • So sweet, so yummy!