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To Methodist College, November marks the springtime of pride and joy. On November 3rd 2012, dressed colorfully in its very best, Methodist College proudly proclaimed its 54th anniversary and the ceremonial celebration honoring this grand occasion. Led by our Principal Ms. Emily Wong, a procession of guests entered the Church Hall amidst the warm welcome from our scouts, and was soon joined by teaching staff and senior form students – so was commenced the 54th Graduation and Prize-Giving Ceremony.

Under the changes in the education system, there were a total of seven graduating classes from both Form 6 and 7. In the annual school report, our Principal was delighted to announce graduates’ outstanding academic performance in the examination under the two respective systems, with credit rates and pass rates well above the territory’s average.
Over seventy scholarships and titles – seven of which have been newly added – were presented to our many deserving students and graduates.
In addition, three of our teachers were awarded the Long and Dedicated Service Award for at least 15 years of teaching at Methodist College.
The rewards yielded from the past year were tremendous and were greeted by waves of applause from the audience.
Among it was our guest of honor, Permanent Secretary of Education Mrs. Tse Ling Kit Ching Cherry, JP.
Her address to the school gave emphasis to grace and humility, for such achievements excellence are made possible with the help of a stable foundation. Solidified by collective efforts of tens, hundreds of people over the course of our 54 years, the fruit we enjoy today is also from the labor of the services and funding by those before us. Together with the scripture lesson and benediction from Reverend Kan Kei Pui, it is a reminder to be grateful and to serve with our Founders' modest, loving heart under the still unfaltering guidance of the Lord.

From Him, we know the humility of service and of the care spanning across generations. We find courage and light in our pursuit of knowledge, leadership and the overcoming of new challenges.

Holding these words of wisdom and blessings to heart, we look forward to yet another rewarding and joyous year for our College.
By Fang Zhiliang 4W
  • Principal Ms. Wong Pui Yi giving the annual school report
  • Ching Sheh receiving the title Best Form of the Year
  • Presentation of the Long and Dedicated Service Award
  • Reverend Chan Tak Cheong giving the sermon
  • Guest of honor Mrs. Tse Ling Kit Ching, JP