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The Opening Ceremony for the 2012-2013 Junior Form Guidance Programmes was held on 13th Nov at No. 42 Campus. We were glad to invite our Vice-Principal, Mr. Chong to give us the opening speech.

The programmes are aimed at enhancing students’ self-assertiveness, ability to handle adversity and to mold a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Most importantly, we hope students can establish a thankful attitude so as to help them to better adapt to secondary school life.

Last year, participants were enthusiastic towards the programmes and the attendance rate was high. A vast majority of the participants acknowledged that the programmes were rewarding to them, specifically in terms of an improvement in their self-assertion skills and AQ which helped them to better adapt to secondary school life.

We are looking forward to further success this year!
  • Vice Principal, parents and teachers were our honorable guests
  • F1 participants, parents, teacher and social workers.
  • F2 participants, parent, teacher and social workers.
  • F3 participants, teacher and social workers.
  • Parents' and teachers' support is one of the keys to success.