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As the new school term commences, a rewarding and meaningful event stole the thunder of any other events on 12th September, 2012. It was the blood donation organized by the Red Cross team of our school. The event was a big triumph as it successfully aroused students’ concern about the issue of blood donation and there was a drastic increase in the number of participants.

The students and staff were very enthusiastic about the program, although some of them were a bit scared at the beginning, especially for those who were donating their blood for the first time.

As Ng Kwun Fung Jasper from 5W said, “This is really an unforgettable experience to me! At first, I was a bit nervous but I was relieved realizing it was not as painful as I had imagined.”

On this special day, different forms of students were arranged to have their blood donated in different time slots. Participants had to complete forms about their personal data and medical history and to seek for their parents’ approval one day in advance. Before donating their blood, the staff from Hong Kong Red Cross did blood pressure checks and took a small amount of blood sample from each participant. The participants who passed these tests could donate blood. Although several students suffered from discomfort after donating their blood, fortunately, they all recovered after taking a rest and taking in various types of supplements.

As Cheung Ho Chi Ryan from 5W said, “Even though I felt quite dizzy after donating my blood, I didn’t regret doing so. I really hope my blood will be useful in helping anyone in need.”

This year’s event wouldn’t have been so successful without the contribution and active participation of students and teachers who are willing to donate their blood. Even though some of them were declined with great courtesy to participate in the event owing to lack of sleep, deficiency in hemoglobin and other discomforts, their willingness and sincerity to contribute to those in need will always be highly appreciated.
By Moses Ho 5W
  • In preparation for blood donation
  • Our generous blood donors
  • Our enthusiastic student helpers
  • Mr. Lau as one of the participants
  • Ms Wong shows her support for this meaningful activity!
  • How brave they are!
  • Ms Lai as a blood donor
  • Be brave and save others!
  • The smile expresses the joy of blood donation!