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English Ambassador Training
By 5W Alsace Yuen & 5G Ng Lok Yan

In order to cultivate an English-rich learning environment at Methodist College, a team of English Ambassadors is set up every year. The English Ambassadors cooperate with teachers in different English activities and promote English learning.

This year, it has been a delight to invite Synergy Education Provider CO. Ltd. to organize some training courses for the English Ambassadors. By participating in a range of interesting and fun activities, the students involved have been warmly nurtured and well equipped with many valuable skills. So, let’s check out the feelings of some prominent English Ambassadors!


This school year, Methodist College enlists ambassadors to represent and promote various subjects, including English. We are extremely glad to have been chosen to become English ambassadors for our school. Through our common dedication to the language we can widen our circle of friends and become involved in activities that give us the opportunity to speak English not only with our friends but also younger schoolmates.

To prepare us for our role, the school has organized a training session with a NET on Monday. The main purpose of the training session is to teach us English, but it promises to involve much more than just building vocabulary and correcting grammar. We hope to learn good leadership skills, how to encourage and communicate with people we are not familiar with, and most importantly, to have the confidence to speak fluently and comfortably in public. Such experiences surely build a wonderful platform for us to practice speaking English, especially as our two exchange students this year are also participating in the program. Furthermore, we are provided an environment where we are strongly motivated to speak proper English. Under the guidance of our three native speakers, we can learn more about countries where English is the main language.

We are making great progress during our training sessions, but we won’t stop here. Very soon, we’ll be putting everything we’ve learnt into use on a normal basis, and hopefully, have you speaking along with us as well!

3W Zhiliang & 3R Janet Yuen

The reason why I am participating in the English Ambassador Programme is that I’d like to improve my English skills - not only in speaking but writing too. Moreover, I’d like to improve my self-esteem. I am looking forward to participating in the English Ambassador Training activities.

3R Chan Lee Ting

To be frank, I am really glad to be an English Ambassador this year. I didn’t even ponder anything such as my workload or time management when my English teacher handed the sign up form to me. Because of my past experiences, I know that being an English ambassador can allow me more chances to speak in English. With a golden opportunity like this, I know I will feel more comfortable speaking English at school. In addition, I hope to convince more students in lower forms to create a better English-speaking atmosphere at Methodist College.

Being an English ambassador allows us more chances to participate in different events such as having a say during P.A. announcements, being the host of lunchtime radio shows and other such things. By doing so, I can gain precious experience from being an English Ambassador which can boost my confidence and English skills. A few years further on, when we step into the adult world, these experiences will certainly help us to face many challenges.

This year, we have a new professional coach, Kevin, who is teaching us how to be sociable, friendly and encouraging ambassadors. Having attended training every week, I can confirm that we do learn lots of stuff from those 2 hour lessons. Not only are these lessons solid, but our tutor also inspires us through different games and topics. After taking this course, I feel full of confidence.

To conclude, I will try to speak more English with lower form students and be a better ambassador for Methodist College. I want to gratefully thank the school for giving me this golden opportunity. If you ask me whether I want to be an English Ambassador in the coming year? I will certainly say YES! I hope I see you all in next year's training sessions!

4B Sabrina Cheung
  • The tutor - Kevin
  • Pier and Irina present their fabulous ideas
  • Students fondly play some amusing games
  • Enthusiastic discussions with Kevin
  • Students generously share their creative ideas