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It has been a decade since a mind-blowing and entertaining public speaking contest has been held in front of a full school audience at Methodist College. On the 23rd February, it was finally back! With positions on an exchange program to Singapore or the United Kingdom as incentive, the Senior and Junior competitors gave all they had in a closely fought and highly entertaining contest. Having progressed through the semi final round, the finalists took the stage to speak English, their second language, in front of the whole school. So, what topics would they speak about and how were they feeling?

The Super Juniors
'When you play a game or a sport, do you have to win all the time? And why?' was one of the intriguing topics provided for the junior contestants. Despite the varied responses of contestants, their speeches were equally stirring and eloquent. 'Failure is the mother of success' was what one candidates said. It struck a chord with many and has deeply inspired us to emphasize the process rather than the result.

Another thought-provoking topic was 'What positive things can people learn from animals?' I’m sure such speeches had profound effects on the audience. The virtues of animals make us realize the importance to not only gain knowledge from our books but to also learn from nature.

Interview with the blooming warriors

The junior speakers: Shelia Lai (2R), Jasmine Fok (1W), Janet Yuen (3R) Christy Kwan (1W) Maya Suen (1W) Tramy Tso (3W) certainly were super.

Congratulations to the joint winners: Shelia Lai (2R) and Janet Yuen (3R).

Delivering a potent speech is no mean feat, let alone making a presentation in front of hundreds of schoolmates. In order to get to know more about how the contestants felt, we conducted an in-depth interview with Shelia (2R) who was the champ in the junior section!

T: What motivated you to join this competition?
S: After I knew there would be a public speaking contest, I felt it was time for me to improve my speaking skills and test my courage, facing the whole school, speaking English and training my speaking skills. I was totally attracted to the contest and thanks to my dad, who encouraged me to join the competition, I had some confidence. He told me that I could do it! I could face the whole school, just by preparing well and relaxing myself! With the support of my dad, I decided to join the contest.

T: In what way did taking part in this contest benefit you?

S: I learned to be courageous when facing difficulties. I told myself not to be afraid because I can encourage myself. I welcomed the Public Speaking Contest as an opportunity to develop new skills!

The Superb Seniors

For the Senior students, the Public Speaking Contest was even more challenging.

After presenting their prepared speech, they were required to deliver an impromptu speech to strive for the competitive prizes. Imagine, how you would feel if you had to make a speech about an unanticipated topic while facing tons of people! Let’s go to the interview with Lisa Kao (4G), the champion from the senior section!

G: What inspired you to use a huge piece of cardboard as one of your props?

L: Actually my presentation content was too long, so I put some crucial information on the huge cardboard. Also, it’s quite catchy and it acts as an attention grabber. I think it is more fascinating for the audience if they can clearly see my prop.

G: What’s the first thought that occurred to you when you received the impromptu question?

L: My mind went blank when I first received the question. However, an instant later, I had a vigorous thought of winning the competition because I imagined my friends’ faces, and they were fully supporting me. I knew that I must try my best. Finally, I drove away my fear and came up with numerous ideas.
The Senior competitors are to be commended. To Catherine Cheung (5G), Heidi Cheung (5R), Lisa Kao (4G), Sabrina Cheung (4B), Carrie Chan (5B) and Lawrence Chan (4B)…simply stunning!

Give it a try!

Don’t you think that joining the competition sounds like a worthwhile experience? Having the chance to battle for exchange trips and book coupons is one thing, but what is more, you can also certainly boost your confidence in speaking English. What a beneficial event!

'Self-trust is the first secret of success'. Trust in yourself. Nothing is impossible! Bring out your courage…it may be you on the stage next year!