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On the 14th of May, form 1 students traveled by bus to PLK Lam Man Chan English Primary School to spend the morning teaching some very ‘eager to learn’ primary school students. It was great to see our most junior secondary school students handling their responsibilities with such maturity and enthusiasm. In small learning groups throughout the primary school hall, classrooms and outdoor playing courts, the form 1 students guided primary 1 & 2 students in a wealth of English and Mathematics activities.

The aim of the joint school activity was to engage both primary and secondary students in the shared use of English and in a ‘school buddy’ type of learning. Busy form 1 students were responsible for preparing their own teaching materials including book reading, games, worksheets and colouring activities. It was clear that all the preparation was successful as all primary students were happily engaged in the tasks at hand. Such was the organization and obvious enjoyment, not even a heavy downpour could disrupt the focus of the students.

Overall, the day was a tremendous success. As a joint school activity, the benefits of such a buddy style of learning were equally shared by the secondary form 1 students, who acted as teachers, and the primary school students, who aimed to learn from their big brothers and sisters. A big thanks to Miss Lee Wai Sze for organizing such a fun day…and congratulations to all students involved - you really participated in such a spirited way!

What did the S1 students have to say?

I felt happy while I was teaching because the students had to do my worksheet! – Isabella Chan (1G)

They’re so cute and smart! – Charlie Li (1G)

I was very happy because the primary students were happy! – Julia Ng (1G)

I learnt PLK Lam Man Chan English Primary School that we should prepare a lot of things such as worksheets, games, sweets… - Leo Lau (1G)

I needed to care about the primary students’ feelings… - Prudence Chow (1G)

I could improve my English and increase my confidence… Nicole Cheung (1G)

I should be more patient with other people… Kori Wong (1G)
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