An Extraordinary Camp – the SCF Gospel Camp ‹ BACK
An inspiring gospel camp was held by the Students’ Christian Fellowship from 3rd to 5th of March with the theme of “Following God”. A lot of students from our school did join it and I was lucky to be the organizer of the camp. Let me share my memorable experience with you all!

The most memorable event for the whole camp to me was the activity for the first night. We were assigned to go to different check points to drink different kinds of drinks which symbolized the bitterness, sourness, sweetness and spicy parts in our life. Then, we needed to share with our group mates about our respective life experiences. During my own sharing, I really cried. I remember I was talking about my relationship with my family, especially that with my sister. I had a really bad time before the camp as I had some quarrels with my family, but after the sharing I felt relieved. It seemed that all my sorrows had left me.

Apart from being a group leader, I was also a member of the worship group. I was really nervous before I led the worship. I experienced the peace granted by God through prayer in preparing for the worship. Thanks God for his leading!

During this camp, I really learnt a lot. I became a better person, being more mature, more patient and more grateful. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Lau, Miss Ceci Wong, Miss Cheung and Miss Lee for giving me such an invaluable opportunity to serve my schoolmates and to serve God. This was surely an extraordinary camp that shouldn’t be missed!

By Glacier Kwong, 4B