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Liberal Studies Department has arranged a visit to the High Court on 13th March 2012 for all form four students. It’s a special and unforgettable experience to me. I would like to share with you about the visit.
I was fascinated when I knew I had a chance to go to the High Court and meet two barristers. One of them was Mr. Herbert Au-Yeung. Lawyer is an ideal job for most people. It is meaningful and high paid. However, lawyers seem to be quite intimidating. Surprisingly, the two lawyers who we met were amiable. They chatted with us for about an hour. They talked about their profession, how they became lawyers, the difference between solicitors and barristers, etc. We learnt much more about the profession of lawyers and the judiciary which we hadn’t come across in class.
Then we attended a hearing. One was a civil action about an employee who hurt his back while he was working. Another one was a criminal action about a foreign girl who hid drugs in a suitcase and she was arrested by the customs. In the court, we had to be absolutely quiet. It was interesting to see how the barrister tactfully led the witnesses to express their testimony. We were all mesmerized by the court!
I admire the lawyers because they can manipulate every single piece of evidence to support their points. I have also learnt how to demonstrate and elaborate on an argument. It is an important skill that we need in Liberal Studies. What’s more, visiting the High Court widened my horizons and this is a truly valuable experience because I could get to know a field which I had never got in touch with before.
Last but not least, I want to thank the school for providing us with this opportunity to help us learn and experience. The visit really means a lot to me!

4W (1) Chak Yuen Ting