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I was pleased to be selected as one of the twenty participants in this leadership training trip to Singapore during the Easter holiday. The aims of the program are to develop our leadership and problem-solving skills by participating in a wide range of activities.

During this four-day trip, we visited different places in Singapore. We visited Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Methodist Girl’s School (MGS) and had some sharing with the PhD students in NTU and some students in MGS. We also attended a lesson in MGS in order to have a taste of their study habits and learn about their cultures from the period of sharing.

Apart from having school visits, we had a City Hunt in Singapore and this must be the most memorable activity of the trip! We were divided into two groups. Each group was assigned to go to some places to study a given topic. My group was assigned to go to the Marina Barrage which is a water work project providing water storage, flood control and recreation. We had to study the environmental problem in Singapore, too. Throughout the City Hunt, no coaches were provided. There were no tour guides to guide our way, so we needed to find our own ways to get there and carry out several tasks within a period of time.

Throughout the leadership training trip to Singapore, I am sure all of us have gained a lot. Firstly, we have learnt how to communicate with others bravely. We needed to try our best to speak English to those students in Singapore and local citizens as they are not really familiar with Mandarin at all. Also, I think my problem-solving skills have improved. Two of my group mates have taken a train in the wrong direction during the city hunt activity. I, as the group leader of the group, needed to decide how to find them back and how to get back to the gathering point as we were short of time! I was required to make decisions in a short time. It was quite challenging for me at that time! Luckily, the problem was resolved successfully.

We are thankful to our school for providing us a golden opportunity to have this trip to Singapore to equip ourselves to be a good leader. This trip must be one of the most unforgettable and sweetest experiences in my secondary school life!

By Kelvin Kwok 4B