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The MCareers Programme – Zoom Mock Interview was successfully held on 6th June 2020 (Saturday). The event was conducted in Zoom Platform this year.

We had eight alumni to become our interviewers in this mock interview. They have provided a lot of useful advice to our students.
Thanks to the interviewers for supporting this meaningful and rewarding mock interview.

Here is the list of the interviewers:
Mr. Wong Chun Wang, Ms. Natalie Lau, Mr. Lawrence Chan, Ms. Cecilia Tam, Mr. Leo Poon, Ms. Annie Li, Mr. Lawrence Tam, Mr. Luk Chum Chun

Here are some students’ reflection of this mock interview:

6R Ma Kam Ho

Although the mock interview was held online, it still enriched us by offering a real-life and practical experience.

Firstly, by dividing us into different groups according to our preferred faculty choices, the format and context of the interview can be more specific and relevant to our interested programmes. As a result, we can be more familiar with the question types and formats that we may likely encounter in the real interview.

Moreover, interviewers are professionals who are working in different fields currently. Therefore, practical advice and personal experience were shared with the participants which can let us gain more knowledge of the industry as well as handy tips for the interview.

Last but not least, as most university interviews are held online this year, the online mock interview provided us with a chance to practise our manner, attentiveness and body gesture in front of the camera. Therefore, we can be well prepared for the online interview.

In short, it is recommended to engage in the mock interview as a way to have a final preparation before the university interview by obtaining practical advice and real-life interview experience.

6G Mak Ching Wang

各位同學會否對面試感到緊張?又或者不知如何解答面答面試官的問題?參加模擬面試正正可幫你解決以上擔憂。模疑面試由踏入職場的校友作面試官,他們熟知各自業界及學院面試的方式及題目,能讓同學熟知面試流程,以及技巧。英文有一諺語: Practice makes perfect. 參加模擬面試可以讓你作好心理準備,應付將來的面試。模擬面試可測試我兩文三語能力,以及回答問題的技巧,讓我可減少緊張感。導師也會就著個人表現給予評語,讓我可為將來面試作好準備,並針對問題作出改善。所以希望同學可把握機會,參加模擬面試,為未來作好準備。
  • Group Photo (Interviewers and Teachers)
  • Group Photo (Group 4 Interviewers and Students)