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Twenty students from Form 1 to Form 5 participated in the UK Immersion Programme during the Lunar New Year holiday, from the 20th of January to the 3rd of February, 2020. The trip was divided into two parts: experiencing life as a boarding student at Rydal Penrhos School in Wales, and sightseeing in Oxford and London.

The group arrived at Manchester Airport on the morning of 20 January, followed by a short day trip to Liverpool, before going to the school in the evening. All told, our students stayed and studied at the school for ten days.

The school provided good support for our students and all the staff were friendly. Each student was assigned to a buddy of a similar age. On school days, they had to follow their buddies to their lessons. Apart from the regular classes, our students had many occasions to take part in some extracurricular activities after school, such as making bath bombs, swimming, and playing dodgeball and Eton fives, a traditional British sport developed by students from Eton College. Additionally, students had preparation time on weekdays after dinner, so they had time to do some revision as well.

Students have performed well. Some teachers really appreciated their hard work and creativity, for instance, they created good stories in their EFL and drama lessons and some received praise for their use of English.

Some students had unique learning experiences in the UK. For example, they raised their hands actively and answered questions confidently in every lesson, and some were asked to write and draw their ideas on the table to share with the class, which always encouraged them to think more critically.

By staying in a completely immersive, English environment, students had more chances to practice their English speaking and listening. As a result, our students in the different forms have become closer and cooperated with each other throughout the trip, in order to finish the tasks given by us, especially the older ones. They were always willing to provide helping hands to those in need, which also made their trip more meaningful.

At the weekend, the whole group visited Chester and Manchester. Students had the opportunity to meet two Hong Kong students currently studying in the UK, to visit some churches and to go shopping. On the morning of 30 January, we left the school and began four days of sightseeing. We visited several places, including Broadway, Cirencester, Blenheim Palace and Oxford University in Oxford. We also saw Clarence House, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the Natural History Museum and the British Museum in London. In terms of the places visited, students responded that they were happy to visit the many villages, castles, universities and museums, so as to understand more about British culture and the history and development of the country. One fun, local activity of feeding fish and ducks in a small village brought much delight to our students.

The group left the UK in the evening on 2 February, and was back the next day at around 4pm.

By Miss Chan Ka Yan (the accompanying teacher)

  • Students are having a drama lesson
  • Students are happy with their work
  • Our student and her buddy
  • A visit to Blenheim Palace
  • Students and their buddies are enjoying their meal
  • A typical classroom setting in the West