S5 CLP - The Savvy Planner Workshop ‹ BACK
Date: 12th November 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 1:45-3:45
Venue: Church Hall

5B Winkie Ng
Learning savvy planning through board games is a novel experience to us. At first, the complicated game rules had made us confused. However, under the explanations of the mentor, we were actively engaged in the game. Personally, this workshop has better equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills to cope with the financial decisions and helped me reflect on my self-management.

5B Eugenia Wong
After playing the game, I learnt that sometimes it may look fair to you but it is actually not fair in fact. For example, during the decision for the investment, at first I thought that it was a half-half opportunity to lose money or win money, but in fact, it is in 2/6 to win more money. Luckily, I chose for the long-term and stable monthly investment, which I didn’t lose a lot of money and reached my goals of making new friends and having a good family life. This game also changes my view of what it means to be successful. To succeed or not really depends on what I aim at in life, and not only money.
  • Students enjoyed the card game in the workshop.
  • Students enjoyed the card game in the workshop.
  • Student shared his reflection in the workshop.
  • Careers Mistress Ms. Ho gave the school flag to the organization
  • Group Photo