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On 28 October, 2019, Class 3R and 3W received 19 guests from Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong with tremendous excitement. Our students gave a warm welcome to the guests coming from different parts of the world, including Indonesia, Mongolia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uruguay.

The exchange program began with an introduction of the two schools and some interesting facts about the countries of our guests. The highlight of the event was the fun games organized by our students, such as tasting local street food, playing traditional Chinese games and introducing Chinese festivals, through which students could widen their horizons and have an eye-opening experience. Besides joining the games, the guests also interacted with our students by enthusiastically teaching them how to speak and write their languages. The singing and dancing performances of the guests marked the end of the program. All students had a whale of a time and the event was a great success.
Students’ reflection:
I am grateful to have had an opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. I learned a lot from the foreigners about the culture of different countries and even some basic vocabulary. Our game went quite smoothly, but we should have given clearer instructions when they were trying the food. (Cherub 3R)

The students from Li Po Chun United World College are really nice. When my teammates and I were introducing the bamboo copter and Chinese checkers to them, they concentrated deeply and devoted their full efforts in the game. (May 3R)

This cultural exchange experience day is a unique one to all of us, as we used to have exchanges with local people of similar ages or even younger. However, this exchange was done with some foreigners who are around 5 years older than us. Talking to them, a lot of the groupmates found it challenging and we needed bravery to speak up. Surprisingly, the result turned out to be better than expected, as all of us eventually stepped up to either explain the game rules or invite them to play the game. We really paid a lot of efforts on the preparation of the games and we were glad that the game stall ran smoothly. As for the presentation and the language class conducted by the guest students, we learned an enormous and varied amount of knowledge about the culture, clothing, food and sports in different countries. For example, we learnt something interesting about Bollywood in India. We all found them very interesting, but sometimes odd, as their cultures differ quite a lot from ours. During the lesson, we enjoyed the part in which we learned a sentence spoken in different languages, such as ‘I love you’, ‘My name is …’, ‘goldfish’ and so on. We usually hear English, Japanese or Korean in movie scenes, songs or advertisements, but we never encounter Arabian or German in our daily lives. Therefore, speaking face to face with the people from other countries was an invaluable experience for us, as it is more interactive and impressive. The most remarkable language is Arabian, which is written from right to left. We burst aloud with laughter when our classmates attempted to copy the words in a complete failure. Overall, we enjoyed the cultural exchange experience day and we are grateful that it was held for us. (Given Yang 3W)
  • Splendid dancing and singing performance of students from LPC Un
  • Our guests introducing their countries and cultures
  • 3R students teaching our guests how to play traditional toys