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On an eye-opening trip to the Lamma Power Station and Lamma Winds on the 29th February 2012, 40 of our form four students learned how a wind turbine system works and saw the application of science knowledge in the real world. Some of them may have even considered developing a career in the field of environmental science!

The tour guide’s explanation of the design of the wind turbine was the most impressive part of the trip. Interestingly, he told us that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the design. I hope that I can design a better wind turbine in the future. Also, I learned that leading an eco-friendly life is very important for humanity. I will change my ways and create things that are conducive to the betterment of our environment.

- Alice Siu (4B)

Through visiting the Lamma Power Station, I got to know more about career opportunities in the fields of power-generation and environmental conservation. It has broadened my view and increased my interest in pursuing a career in a science-related profession.

- Wan Wai Hap (4B)

After this visit, I see that renewable energy is still not commonly used or adequately produced in Hong Kong. Renewable energy contributes to only 0.2% of the electricity consumption on Lamma Island. It is far from enough to satisfy people’s needs, especially in summer. Furthermore, I realized that air pollution in Hong Kong is serious and I need to be more environmentally friendly in the future. For example, I can save energy by walking to school. For now, I think I need to study hard in order to get a place in university. It is my hope that I can play a part in developing new sources of renewable energy one day.

- Wong Yat Kuen (4B)

I have learned more about the history of power stations and the importance of developing sources of renewable energy. Also, I found that in the course of developing and running power stations, a lot of important factors and details need to be taken into consideration. Even seemingly small things matter a lot. It is important to exercise caution in doing everything.

- Yeung Tsz Lam (4B)

  • A group photo to keep good memories of the visit
  • Looking at data provided by the windmill
  • Model of the Lamma Power Station
  • Off the boat and heading to the Lamma Power Station
  • The HK Electric Co. explaining the functions of the windmill