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‘Bhwaaha!’ the air horn produced this energetic sound, officially and enthusiastically commencing the 61st annual sports day on 10 October 2019. Students of different houses began shouting out their creative slogans. The sportsground filled with slogans from the different colours, expressing their encouragement for their teammates.

This year, we were grateful that the Sports days were in early October, as the rainy weather would not affect them. Students were able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine during these two days. Not only did we appreciate the wonderful weather, but we were also impressed by the inspirational speech given by our principal, Ms. Emily Wong, during the Opening Ceremony. She encouraged us to show our spirit of togetherness, our sense of belonging and most importantly, sportsmanship.

In the sportsground, athletes were doing their very best to show off their talents, in both track and field events. Sportsmen and women actively and passionately participated in every event. All showed their determination and sportsmanship throughout the process. With the rousing cheers from their own houses, the athletes gained extra motivation to try their hardest to beat the other competitors.

As team spirit is one of the key learning areas for this activity, this year’s Students’ Union held a new event----the three-legged race. In this event, athletes had to show good cooperation with each other. During this breathtaking competition, we saw many different techniques used, to run the race. Not only were they competing with others, but they also demonstrated their uniqueness and originality by using their own strategy.

After all the rhapsodic tournaments came the parade. Every house’s representatives marched around the sports field with their flags. Taking a fancy to be the best cheering team, all houses tried their very best to cheer for the form mates and shouted out the slogans. Eventually, the F.1 and F.6 students who belonged to Orange House won the best cheering prize, with flying colours. We witnessed the efforts they paid and expressed our tributes to all the winners and Orange House.

To our astonishment, our special guest, Mr. Wong Kam Po, who is a renowned track cyclist, visited us during the Closing Ceremony of the Sports Day. In his inspiring speech, he mentioned that we should be high-spirited students, in order to chase our dreams. Furthermore, he shared his life as an athlete with us. We learned a valuable lesson from his speech - only by striving for our best can we fulfill our passionate aspirations.

‘Bhwaaha!’ the 61st Annual Sports Day has ended for another year. This memorable Sports Day will always linger in our mind and we are looking forward to next year’s Sports Day. We wonder who will be the guest of honour!
By Mianca Tsui 4G and Joanne Lee 4G
  • Orange House won the Best Cheering Team award
  • The SU president, Alisha Wong, led us to sing the school song
  • Ms. Emily Wong, delivering her opening speech
  • Teachers getting ready to run
  • Teachers running at lightning speed
  • Green House athletes running as fast as the wind
  • The thunderous cheering of Blue House
  • Our honorable guest, Mr. Wong Kam Po