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Methodist College Rocket Car Competition 2019 was held after school on 18 September 2019. The competition was divided into two groups, “Form 2” and “Open”.

Students were required to design a fast-moving rocket car model, based on scientific knowledge. The purpose was to motivate students to enjoy and study science or a STEM related topic. Furthermore, students developed their skills in teamwork and problem solving skills and used their innovative talents, which will enable them to overcome future challenges in our fast-changing world.

During the competition, students enjoyed themselves so much that they were eager to find out how fast their rocket cars could move. Some students even painted their cars with colorful pictures.

The following are the results:
1. Form Two group:
Champion: Lam Man Hei (2R-25), Chan Ting Lap (2R-18), Tan Joshua Zhong Ting (2R-29), Tsoi Yin Ian (2R-31)
1st Runner up: Cheng Wing Chi (2W-01), Lau Hiu Ching (2W-03), Li Cheuk Lam (2W-07), Suen Yuen Tung (2W-11)
2nd Runner up: Chen Hoi Shan (2B-02), Ho Tsz Yan (2B-07), Kwong Wing Ka (2B-08), Sah Teli Denisha (2B-15)
2. Open group:
Champion: Leung Yuen Hong Michael (1G-26 ), Wong Pak To (1W-31)
1st Runner up: Lai Lok Hin (1B-09), Chan Wai Kit (1B-19), Chung Man Hiu Baldwin (1B-23), Lam Hoh Jun (3W-08)
2nd Runner up: Lai Hiu To Athena (1W-03), Lee Pui Ka (1W-06), Leung Wing Yi (1W-09)
  • Mr. Lam was teaching students how to use the wire cutter.
  • Students were measuring the size of their rocket car.
  • A student utilize different tools to make the rocket car.
  • A rocket car was ready to fire.
  • Champion car of the Open group