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On the 27th of March, 2019, fourteen students from different forms, from the School English Drama Team, including me went to the 2019 EMI drama fest. There were different drama teams from different schools in different districts, competing to get trophies during the fest. The completion this year was absolutely fascinating and remarkable. It was a golden opportunity and experience for us to learn, which all of us relished A LOT.

Ours was a drama called ‘Embrace Who We Are’, adapted from a best-selling book and mind-blowing film called '24 Billy'. The performance is a reflection of a society in which the people are forced to accept the discrimination against the others in both a positive and negative way. These labels make the characters feel dissatisfied and fall apart. However, no matter how harsh it is, the only way to get rid of all those labels is to be our true selves. This idea was perfect for us, since discrimination is something we always face in our daily lives. We then skillfully added some of our own experiences to the script, to present this idea to the audience more realistically. In order to aim for the trophies, we practiced day and night, and put forth our full effort on it and at last … we got the 'Most Creative' award! We basked in our moment of glory and our director and head of the team Gia Yu rushed to the stage to receive the award with laughter … how hilarious it was!

Apart from performing our show, we also watched some of the other competitors’ shows. We hoped that we could learn from their performances and get some ideas for the script next year. The most remarkable one was a show talking about autism. The plot was mainly about an autistic boy who was being excluded from his social circle. I think the performance was amazing and outstanding. Though they didn’t win the trophy, their topic was unique, so I really loved it. On the other hand, a drama from another school was fantastic as well: though the plot wasn’t as attractive as the one I’ve just mentioned, their acting and teamwork were really impressive. What I couldn’t believe is that a boy can act like a girl so natural and realistically! That’s really insane, no matter his tone, pitch, or gestures, he just really acted like a girl. I really have to learn the skill of acting as a different character skillfully from him. The whole team from this performance had only six students, but they could work smoothly together throughout the show. We should really learn from them and have another breakthrough next year.

Through this meaningful and valuable competition, we could not only learn the acting techniques from others, but also strengthen our self-confidence and teamwork, which couldn’t be gained easily in daily school lives. The preparation process was bumpy, but with our teamwork, we put all our effort into it, to work it out and out of our expectation, we even won a prize! We were all delighted and grateful about joining this EMI Drama Fest and we all hope to participate over and over again in the coming years!

Karis Ng 2R
  • The candidates face off in a battle for votes!
  • Discussing discrimination among the characters
  • The media's spin on the events as they unfold