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From 14-21 July, Heidi Lau of 3R and Winky Ngai of 2W, along with eight other MC students, joined an immersion program to Singapore. This was a great opportunity to help us improve our communication skills in English, as we do not speak English very much in Hong Kong. It also helped us to understand the cultures of different countries, since Singapore is a multicultural city with many people from different nations. We stayed in the ACS Boarding School, with the girls studying in Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) with the boys attending and staying at the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

On our first day of going to school in Singapore, our minds were filled with worries, as we all were not sure if we would fit in or if the students here would be nice. But we soon found that there was no need to be insecure, as everyone in our class treated us very nicely. They took the first step and talked to us all, which really helped us to fit in very quickly.

Apart from that, during our visit, the twinning schools were also having an immersion program in MGS, which provided the opportunity for us to communicate with students of other nations, including India and Korea. They were all very nice; we even became friends with some of the students.

Finally yet importantly was the “Racial Harmony Day”. On this day, we all tried snacks from Malaysia, China, etc. We also got to see traditional dances from Taiwan, Korea and India. We sang “Under the Lion Rock”; while our performance might not be excellent, the audience was still very encouraging to cheer for us while we sang. It made us feel a lot more confident during the performance.

After this immersion program, we found Singapore’s English speaking accent is a lot different from ours, which requires patience in communication. Singapore might be two times smaller than Hong Kong, but people here are more enthusiastic than those in Hong Kong. We all enjoyed this trip a lot and we hope to join something similar again next year.

By Lau Yui Ching 3R
  • Campus of Methodist Girls' School
  • Group photo with the principal of ACS
  • Our musical performance at MGS
  • Our students are well taken care of by their buddies