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Event Name:Build Your Career
Organization:Po Leung Kuk Life Planning & Finanical Education Centre
Date:13-14 July 2019
Venue:Amoy Plaza
Time:1200 - 1900
Target:Form 3-5 students

Alisha Wong

This is my first time being a CEO to lead the group to start a business. The whole process was smoother than I expected because I have a group of hardworking classmates to work together. I still vividly remember the feeling of being confused and scared on the first day of the actual running of the stall as we were not doing well when compared with other stalls. However, things started to get better on the second day as we knew the tactics of promoting and presenting our products to diverse consumers. I would say this experience has prepared me to be a businesswoman in the future as actual experiences were gained.

Charlene Au Yeung

In this entrepreneurial activity, the whole feeling seems to be real, there is the distribution of departments, learning the skills of the real world, no longer just reading books but put everything into practice. I was in charge of sales and publicity and attended a workshop. From there, I learnt to use social platform and the preparation work is more complicated than I thought
First, to elaborate our concept but avoiding long passages as consumers do not want to read; In addition, when the official opening of the shop on that day, I continued to discuss with the CEO how to attract consumers, the team also put forward a number of ways, one of them is to use some words to attract customers, such as trendy, clearance prices and so on. This is the most effective way.

Sam Shiu

There were lots of memorable experiences, but the most unforgettable experience to me was selling a pack of steel straw to a lady. She kept bargaining and I finally sold it at $40, which was a 40% discount. However, I think it was a fun fact and it is one of the cultures of the market stall.

Phoenix Huang

This event was a new challenge for me. I think the most important thing is the quality of the products. As it was not just for fun but a serious business. The products we sold will be used by someone in daily life. Therefore, it’s important for us to take care of the quality of our products. If the quality of the products were bad, the people who bought our products may get sick or feel uncomfortable.

Cherry Chiu

This is my first time to join this kind of entrepreneurial activity. It was a new attempt for me. As I was in charge of production and packaging, I have to compare different prices, outlook and the capability of the product we sell to the publicity in order to lower our production cost and suit the public’s preference. Besides, I also have to design how to pack our product when we sell our product to the public. It was a big challenge for me as I need to think of some ways to attract the customers. However, I have gained a remarkable real life experience.

Isaac Ng

After this activity, I learnt more skills which were about the skills of presenting our product, or using the internet for the promotion of the products. Also in this activity, I met some new friends who are on the same road with me, so it can broaden my friend zone.

Vivian Cheung

Through this activity, I got familiar with entrepreneurship and how to run a firm with different people. As I'm the financial manager in this firm, I learn how to prepare the financial statement and calculate the cost and benefit for the products of the firm. Besides, teamwork is important for running a firm successfully. Although we didn't earn a large profit, we gain an unforgettable experience in this activity.

Marco Ng

After this experience, I realized that running a business is not as easy as I thought. We have to consider different factors such as selling price of goods and target customers etc. before making business decisions. We also need to sell products that can fulfill customers’ preferences. This program provided me with valuable knowledge that cannot be found in textbooks and can surely broaden my horizons.
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