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The Fabulous Carnival—Open Day
Charisse Lo 4B

The Open Day was held on 15 December 2018 this year, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Methodist College. The remarkable event ran from the early morning until dusk. The most entertaining and attractive activities certainly were the game booths, fun fair and musical performances, which were prepared by MC student helpers and teacher advisors. Many visitors, including guests, principals, alumni, teachers, parents and students, attended this ebullient and jaunty carnival.

To prepare the game stalls, all committee members of the school clubs and societies devoted their time to prepare and decorate their stalls, both sophistically and comprehensively, during the preparation days. This showed their creativity, versatility and team spirit, and especially their gifted talents and leadership abilities. Besides, the bands were practicing hard in order to perform a perfect show to the audience, hoping to let others understand the passionate messages of their music.

When Open Day started, our helpers presented their most cordial smiles to serve our valuable visitors. Some helpers were as busy as bees and explained the instructions and the rules of the games patiently. Some performers were in top form. Guests strolled around the school and enjoyed their time during the day. Loud laughter and broad grins spread over the whole campus. Blissful facial expressions were on everyone’s faces. All of us surely had an unforgettable memory and were fond of this precious moment.

When they left the school, their countenances were shining with delight. All visitors appreciated and admired the wonderful variety of the game booths.

One of the highlights of the day was the Chinese History booth, which provided traditional Chinese clothes for visitors to take pictures. Participants were asked to identify different dynasties from the details of clothing. In addition, the helpers introduced the background information through the maze game, using different special props to present the unique aspects and fun of learning Chinese History. Their creativity and innovative style was appreciated by various guests.

As time flies, the ending came in the gloaming and the fun fair was full of joy and cheers. The Open Day was successfully held with the help of MC students and the support of teachers.
  • Helpers demonstrating steps of experiement
  • Chinese History Society's members wearing traditional costumes
  • Participants enjoying the competition