Saying Goodbye to our Beloved S6 – The F.6 Graduation Ceremony 2018-19 ‹ BACK
The F.6 Graduation Ceremony was held on 3 July 2019 in the Church Sanctuary. The members of the school, including the head of the School Education Division of the Methodist Church Reverend Kan Kei Piu Paul, our chaplain Reverend Lo Wai Ki, our chairman and supervisor Dr. Chen Cheung I, Raymond and our principal, Ms. Emily Wong, parents and students waved goodbye and sent our most sincere wishes to the S6 graduates.

The ceremony began with playing the music video of an original song produced by the Form 6 band, Espoir. Then, Reverend Lo Wai Ki gave his sermon. He mentioned how the S6 graduates can fight their own ways in a rapidly changing society, by telling us some dos and don’ts as said in the Bible. Then, the graduates received their graduation certificates and subject awards.

After that, the graduates gave some presents to the teachers, as a token of thanks for their hard work in teaching them for the past six years. The S6 chairlady, Lo Yan, also presented a gift to the school on behalf of the whole form.

Six years ago, they were welcomed by the school with delight and passion. This year, they ascended to the stage with pride, and descended with honour. After receiving their graduation certificates from the school supervisors, they will now embark on a brand new start for their future. As the graduates were walking onto the stage class by class, they were welcomed with thunderous and passionate applause from the audience, which included their family members, schoolmates and teachers, as they had finished their last step in their secondary school life.

In honor of the graduates, the school choir performed on stage with harmonic tone and impeccable voices. After their first song performance, the F.6’s counterparts of yellow house- the F.1 students accompanied the school choir. As they lined up in on platforms, and sang out in effulgent tones, there was an emotional vibe in the air, creating a warm and soul-stirring atmosphere. The F.6 students had received their most priceless gift of all time- a family’s blessing and love.

After the ceremony had ended, many stayed behind. Some took photos with their mentors, while some wandered around the school campus and aroused their nostalgic memories of their alma mater. Some even gathered with their friends from lower forms and had one last meeting as a Methodist College student. It was a magnificent scene: to see Methodist College’s trademark slope congested with F.6 students, enjoying one of their last moments as a secondary student.

To the F.6 graduates, the ceremony was a priceless, unforgettable treasure. This ceremony meant a recognition of their six years of hard and ceaseless work, a collective memory with their principal and teachers. We wish them good luck for their future in university, career paths and in society, as they are always a family member of Methodist College.

By Alisha Wong (4B) and Bryce Chan (3R)

  • F.6 graduates receiving their certificates
  • Academically distinct students receiving their certificates
  • Rev. Lo giving the benediction and a speech
  • Choir and F.1 students singing in unison
  • The audience joining the singing of the school song
  • Graduate conducting the choir performance
  • F.6 student representatives as the MCs of the ceremony
  • A moment of joy for graduates