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With Love From Me To You

At the beginning of term two form 1-5 students penned some of the most heart-warming love letters you’ll ever read. What a delight it was to see so many students thoughtfully engaged in this activity. It was wonderful to see written English used so warmly and with such emotion. Some of the sketches and drawings were pretty good too! On Valentine’s Day some of the most lovely cards were displayed in the school lobby area.

In addition to the love letter writing exercise, the committee members of the English Society organized a candy floss making activity and a delicious sounding ‘chocolate fountain’ taste game. Students who participated in these games had to read tongue twisters and write short messages. So, not only did they enjoy themselves, but they improved their English skills too.
Valentine’s Day has always been a great occasion at Methodist College. Of course it’s a special day in its own right…and it provides great inspiration for expression and communication in English.

Well done everyone!
  • Heart-warming poems displayed in the school lobby
  • Students challenged to read tongue twisters in 30 seconds
  • Chocolate dipped marshmallows for students who write love messag
  • The English Society making candy floss to share love and joy