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2019 Variety Show “The Moment”
Charisse Lo 4B

Radiant faces were seen from both the audience and the vivid performers. Thrilling music was heard, raising the exciting atmosphere and the tremendous screams to support our stars. The Variety Show was held by the Students’ Union on 5 July, in the school’s Lower Hall. The festive event involved a wide range of performances, including bands, drama, dance, etc. Our young pillars all grabbed this excellent opportunity to show their gifted talents and abilities. It was definitely a precious and remarkable memory for everyone.

The show started with an attractive trailer, which revealed the mysterious performances. The packed crowd yelled out the performance they were looking forward to the most. The bands got the show started at first, and surely raised the enthusiastic atmosphere. Avaice, Igniter and Aquiver played lively music and successfully conveyed their messages and passion through their songs. Besides, the Chinese and English Drama Teams performed sophistically, to influence the audience to assimilate into the story. Since their stories revolved around reality, we could easily get into and enjoy them.

The most fascinating and exhilarating part certainly was the dance performance, presented by Basically G. Dancers, who wore eye-catching costumes and danced energetically. As soon as the music came on, the audience gave the dancers a big cheer. Their dynamic moves pushed up the atmosphere. Besides, all of us respected their professional attitude when one of the main dancer’s shoes suddenly slipped off her foot. In spite of this, she kept calm and you could not see any panic on her face. Their splendid performance received a big round of applause from all teachers and students.

The highlight of the show undoubtedly was the singing performance presented by our honorable guest, local singer JC-- Jennifer Chan. She invited us to sing along with her and encouraged us to cherish the time we had in our school lives, as they were undeniably the most valuable and fabulous days we could have. The theme for the Variety Show this year was “The Moment”, which divinity implied, based on what JC had said.

This stunning show unfortunately had to end. However, it could not be such a successful and smooth event without the help of our backstage crew, student helpers, the Students’ Union and our teacher advisors. Therefore, it is time to express our deepest gratitude to all the staff, who paid effort in preparing and presenting the show. Let’s look forward to watching equally breathtaking performances in the coming year.

  • Our key success--The backstage crew
  • Our honorable guest-- JC
  • Collaboration between Aquiver and Ignitor
  • Dancers showing off their brisk movements
  • English Drama Team presenting a story about discrimination
  • F1 students made up the band--Gems