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From the Page to the Stage: Hong Kong Schools English Band Showcase
By Ms. Michele Sparrow
As the NET at Methodist College, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting non-academic events for our students to put their books aside and use their English language skills creatively. This year, soon after the very successful Variety Show on 5 July, two of our school bands, namely Espoir and Igniter , joined eight other bands from around Hong Kong on 8 July, to take part in the first ever Hong Kong Schools English Band Showcase. Piloted by Mr. Michael Agopsowicz and Mr. Raymond Cheng, the NET and Assistant Principal at Lung Cheung Government Secondary School respectively, the event aimed to provide students with an opportunity to play English songs, both originals and covers, in a showcase setting. At the same time, students had a chance to learn from each other in the areas of musical, interpersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Although it was not a competition, each band received feedback from three guest judges, one of whom was Lee Wai, the bassist from the local pop group Rubber Band. Overall, it was a highly entertaining and meaningful event.
After several cover bands, playing English songs by a variety of artists that included Alan Walker, One OK Rock, Bon Jovi, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Cat Stevens and Green Day, our school’s Form 6 band Espoir took to the stage to play two of their original songs. Lead singer Abbie Chan (6G-01), guitarist Agnes Chan (6W-01), bassist Sally Yuen (6R-19) and drummer Giovanna Ho (6G-05) took the audience on a musical journey, exploring two very different sides of romance. Their first song, called ‘Remorse’ looked at the dark and monochromatic side, while their second song, ‘Reincarnate’ painted a rosier and more colourful side. It was fantastic that drummer Giovanna Ho confidently took a microphone and used English to encourage the audience to use the flashlights on their phones, which they very excitedly did. Judge Sam Barber praised them for their musicality and songwriting skills, and encouraged the other cover bands to start writing their own English songs as soon as possible.
Following their talented schoolmates, our second band, Igniter, struck a chord in the hearts of the audience, by playing two popular rock songs. Starting with the very compelling tune ‘Back to December’ by Taylor Swift, lead singer Alva Luk (5W-9), bassist Oscar Cheng (5B-18), guitarist Oliver Yu (5R-32), keyboardist Sunny Liu (5B- 23) and drummer Matt Wu (4G-28) skillfully performed a “musical apology” that ended on a high note. Their second song, ‘Flashlight’ by Jessie J had the audience on their feet with their flashlights on and swaying in time to the music. When asked by the MC to explain their band name, Oscar Cheng expressed the band’s desire to ignite the fire of playing music inside the hearts of their audience, which they most certainly did.
Many thanks to Ms. Grace Lee Wai Sze, for her teaching and guidance to these accomplished young musicians. On a final note, while it was a pity that Espoir bassist Joses Tsang (6R-28) was sick and Igniter drummer Bosco Chan (5R-24) on a school trip, it truly was marvelous to see our students never give up, because the show must go on!

  • Espoir performing one of their original English songs
  • Igniter performing a Taylor Swift song
  • Espoir after their performance
  • Igniter chatting with the judge