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The F.1 and F.2 Inter-class Battle of the Books competitions took place in the lower hall on May 20 and April 10 respectively. The Battle of the Books is a popular competition where students are tested on their knowledge of books. The aim of the activity is to arouse students’ interest in reading and to foster a class spirit. Students pooled their knowledge and helped out their classmates to win. Classes competed against each other in five rounds, answering questions on characters, plots, authors and even book covers. Students had to answer MC questions, write open answers, raise their hands as well as race to the microphones to get points for their class! The ‘battles’ were most exciting and students had great fun coming up with (and shouting out!) answers, cheering for classmates and running to win the battle !
  • Students discussing their answers
  • 2G in action!
  • And the champion is…2B!