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All Form 1 students have enjoyed learning English through a series of activities this year.

In the afternoon on 22 February, the winning groups of each class went onto the stage and competed in the Inter-class Readers’ Theatre Competition. Months before the final of this competition, all students worked hard to prepare in class, by writing a script in groups. The play scripts were based on a proverb about friendship. In addition, students rehearsed different ways of using their voice, in order to make the characters in their stories come alive. Under the guidance of our native and local English teachers, students found this learning experience valuable, since it has provided a good opportunity for them to practise speaking English confidently. On the final competition day, we were very honoured to have Mr. Robert Archibald, an expert on drama, to be our adjudicator.

The results are as follows:
Best Actor – 1B Hugo Sit
Best Actress – 1W Winnie Zhang
Best Overall Performance – 1R Althea Leung, Charlene Li, Tim Chan, Gabriel Ng

Another exciting activity was held on 20 May. All Form 1 students gathered in Lower Hall to participate in an Inter-class ‘battle’ on their knowledge of books. The aim of the activity – Battle of Books - is to arouse students’ interest in reading and to foster class spirit. The four classes competed against each other by answering questions about books, anything from characters to plots, and even book covers. Students have had great fun during this competition and they are already looking forward to another ‘battle’ next year in Form 2!

  • Students performing in their own class in the first round
  • Each group has spent a lot of effort in designing covers as well
  • See how much students enjoy the stage
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • The Best Overall Performance group together with our adjudicator
  • Students pooling their knowledge on books in order to win
  • Students were enthusiastic in helping their classmates.
  • Congratulations to 1R - the champion of this year