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On the 15th and 16th of January 2019, I went to the Po Leung Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp. For me, it was a spectacular overnight camp, since I had a wonderful time with my new friends in Methodist College.
On that morning, all Form 1 students gathered in the lower hall. We divided into groups and had some warm-up activities, which included arranging playing cards, playing the "Left-odd, right-even" game, etc. All of the games made me die from laughing, because everyone hilariously immersed himself or herself in it!
In the afternoon, we took the coach to the campsite. We had many activities but the activity that had the deepest impression was the "Campsite orienteering". We had to cooperate well with our groupmates to get higher points in the games. Although we had arguments - everyone has their unique opinions - we still had a satisfying result.
The next day, we had to make a bridge using paper, tape, cardboard and other materials that we received in exchange for our points. The game really challenged us and required us to cooperate well. At last, we finished it and were on cloud nine!
I must say that this camp was not only exciting but also relaxing as we had it right after our first exams. I hope I can join more school camping activities in the future and have an unforgettable moment like this one!

1R Sandy Ho (3)
  • We all enjoyed this adventure camp.
  • It’s really high! We supported each other and finally we did it!