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A few weeks ago, we four Methodist College students gained an excellent opportunity to participate in the 2018-2019 UK Immersion Programme, studying at Woodhouse Grove School (WGS) in Leeds with the Year 12 students. Throughout our visit to Leeds and Derby in England, we have immersed ourselves in the school life and culture of Britain.

At the time of our visit, the school’s Year 12 students were preparing for their A-level examinations, much like the HKDSE exams students sit for in Hong Kong. It was a great chance for us to study with them in their lessons. In addition, this experience enabled us to compare those lessons with our lessons in Hong Kong. The biggest difference is that they do not have any compulsory subjects. Students can study whatever they want. British students have to pick four subjects among a variety of choices, and there are lots more subjects that our school does not offer, ranging from Drama to Media Studies, which can support students to pursue their own interests. Both educational systems are exam-oriented, but in the U.K., students have more natural resources at their disposal, therefore they can do more experiments from which they can realistically apply their knowledge and learn comprehensively. Apart from that, the teachers and students at Woodgrove were very nice to help us catch up in their lessons. We have learnt a lot and had many memorable and educational moments there.

After a week of studying, we went to Derby to meet Dr. Hollingworth, the former English teacher of Methodist College. Dr Hollingworth and his wife waited for us at the Derby Midland Station. We had lunch together and started a day tour in Derby. We went to the Derby Cathedral, which is the most-visited attraction in Derby. After that, we went to Pickford House Museum, established in 1988. Last, we went to the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, established in 1879. There is a large display of Royal Crown Derby and other porcelain from Derby and the surrounding area.

At the weekend, we went to Leeds with a student named Harry, who was a former student of Methodist College and is now studying abroad at WGS. He brought us to visit various hotspots of the city centre, such as Trinity Leeds and Victoria Leeds, which as renowned shopping malls combined the uniqueness of modern and retro designs. We went to the iconic Leeds City Square, which is a paved area north of Leeds railway station. We even spotted mounted police riding horses while on duty, which was really new and special for us. Finally, we had a traditional British lunch of fish and chips. It was very mouth-watering and delectable. We enjoyed a full day with a local student, which will definitely become one of our most remarkable memories.

After this immersion programme, we have become more mature and learned to think out of the box. We always have to meet challenges and face them throughout our lives. We ought to venture out and gain experiences from places outside Hong Kong. “Comfort is your biggest trap and coming out of your comfort zone is your biggest challenge.” We hope that our fellow students can also pluck up their courage and broaden their horizons by joining future exchange programmes. Finally yet importantly, we are grateful to our principal, Ms Emily Wong, for giving us such valuable chances to explore the world.

By Joseph Leung 5W, Marco Ng 4B, Karina Lee 4B, Charisse Lo 4B

The four lucky winners of this year's Miss Helena Sito Education Fund scholarship were awarded an immersion programme to Woodhouse Grove School in the United Kingdom, with all expenses covered by the scholarship.

  • Having “Fish and Chips” in Leeds
  • Lunch with Dr. Hollingworth and his wife in Derby
  • Photo with Mr. Lockwood, the principal of Woodhouse Grove School
  • Having a wonderful day in Leeds
  • Visiting the Derby Museum and Art Gallery with Dr. Hollingworth
  • Woodhouse Grove School campus