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On 17 May, Methodist College’s Form Four students took part in the annual “MCMS (English) Activity Day, at Methodist School (MS). In groups, the students designed, set up and ran English, STEM and Math game stalls for all the students at MS, who had a lot of fun playing the games and getting prizes. In addition, a team of students helped the youngsters pass the time while waiting for their turn, by playing different iPad app games with them.

Our students also found the the activity fun and meaningful. Many of them said that they had learnt communication and coordination skills. They had also learnt to be patient by helping children play the games smoothly. It was of course a good opportunity for them to use English in an authentic context.
  • Students are playing iPad games
  • an English game stall
  • a classic STEM game
  • Boys always love this
  • Happy faces
  • Is he going to make it?
  • The hall is full of fun and laughter