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Thirty-two students from Form 1-Form 5 and two teachers went to Malaysia for overseas leadership training. We explored Kuala Lumpur and Penang for ten days, from the 16th-25th of April.

Our training was in the four following aspects:

1. The differences and similarities of the lives of youth in Malaysia and Hong Kong
2. The evolution of the history, local and religious culture of both Hong Kong and Malaysia
3. How urban planning and revitalization has enhanced economic growth in Malaysia
4. The school life and the education of the youth in Malaysia

We visited many places in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. During the six days of exploration in Kuala Lumpur, we went to the Malaysian landmark Petronas Tower. Other attractions we visited included Sunway City, Jalan Alor, Putra Mosque, Central Market and the National Museum, which gave us an experiential understanding and opportunity to discover the local lifestyle and religious culture. Although we just spent four days in Penang, the city gave us a huge contrast and different impression, when compared with Kuala Lumpur. We visited more historical sites during these four days. We visited the George Town Heritage Area, Penang Hill, Tropical Garden, and the Penang Craft Batik Factory. By visiting these places, with a focus on exploration of historical buildings, traditional artisanship and industry, we gained a lot of information on the topic of urban planning and the local economy. Of course, relaxation time was also important to us. Therefore, we went to ‘The TOP’ to enjoy our free day with joyful memories.

Cultural exchange was a valuable part of this program - Wesley Methodist School, Methodist Boys Secondary School and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman - all of which are located in Kuala Lumpur. Meeting and talking with the local students was a meaningful and fun activity.

In Methodist Boys School, we learnt to paint batik, a traditional fabric art. We also played friendly ball games with their school’s badminton and basketball teams; I was impressed by their athletic skills.

We also enjoyed the school life at Wesley Methodist School. We followed our buddies and joined their lessons. My buddy was very affable. She introduced me to all her classmates. She even let me help her and her friends to run her school club, which sold Malaysian local food during recess. We built up a strong friendship after spending the whole day together.

Furthermore, we had a chance to have lessons in the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. We learned to say some Malay words and phrases, made local food and had an Indian or Malay dance workshop.

I was very delighted after experiencing a new school life with the local students. I had ants in my pants, meeting so many friends across borders. Also, I enjoyed the culture in Malaysia. Since I have learnt some Malay, maybe I can confidently say ‘Selamat pagi’ (which means good morning) and ‘Terima kasih’ (which means thank you) to greet others.

I have enjoyed this trip in Malaysia, with no regrets. It was my pleasure to join this Overseas Leadership Training Programme.

Melanie Xing 2R
  • Helping out a club with local students at Wesley Methodist Schoo
  • Visit to Wesley Methodist School
  • Visit to Methodist Boys School
  • Visit to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman