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5G Ng Lok Yan

This year, all F5 students were grateful to the school for giving us a golden opportunity to join a Conflict Management Camp held by students from the Li Po Chun United World College in Wu Kwai Sha. We were delighted that Methodist College sponsored the fee and it was indeed an invaluable and meaningful experience to all of us. Most importantly, it was a chance for us to have a taste and experience school life in an international school .Mass games and numerous discussions were held to let us learn in a relaxing atmosphere which broadens our horizons. Let’s catch a glimpse of their reflection!

5G Ian Kuk

The camp was indeed a short yet unforgettable experience to all of us.

Conflict is something that inevitably appears around our life, but do you know how to solve them properly? Actually, it is a piece of cake. It's all about communication and compromising each other. If we are willing to discuss and share, many problems can be solved and we may find that they are actually not tough at all.

For example, one of our discussions was to fight for a rare species of plant which can either be used to save a tremendous amount of pregnant women or an even greater amount of victims affected by radiation caused by a nuclear plant accident in Japan. The discussion was indubitably intense yet at the end, the problem was still unsolved. Eventually, with the help of the facilitators, we found out that we could actually compromise because we require different parts of the plant respectively, stem and leaves, that means we could save all the people through using the same resources. It showed that with better discussion and planning, problems can actually be eliminated and could benefit both two parties at the same time. We failed because we are so selfish and we ignored the demand of others. Although we failed to reach a consensus, I enjoyed this part very much.

To conclude, the day camp was full of fun with mass games, and we learnt a lot from it. Conflicts, discrimination, labeling and inequality always pop up in our world. All in all, I think this camp has given me a golden opportunity to open my mind, and try to manage the unavoidable conflicts. So if you have chances like this, don't hesitate to speak up and voice out your opinions. Remember, grasp every chance of learning!

5B Belo Tse

I believe problem solving skills and critical thinking skills learnt in Liberal Studies can lead us a whole person development yet problem solving skills are always less considered by both the school and the students and I got more familiar with it after joining the camp.

Everybody wants to learn with pleasure! It provided us a wide range of fun games and activities to challenge us as individuals or as groups. Through doing so, we were stimulated to find ways to combat those problems, including ‘following exchanged orders’ (e.g. ‘jump’ means ‘clap’ and ‘clap’ means ‘jump’), ‘eliminating people from the spaceship’ (since the spaceship has inadequate space and some people must get out from it), and ‘teaching an alien to draw a picture’. Moreover, facilitators will help us complete the evaluation after each activity by sharing about its aim and what we have learnt from it. Because of that, our ideas and skills of conflict management can be consolidated and strengthened.

Apart from the bright side, nothing is perfect; I think there is still room for improvement for one of the games as it does not directly relate to the conflict management skills.

Yet, all in all, the camp was undeniably fruitful and meaningful. It indeed brought us to the room for meditating on ways to manage different conflicts and problems aroused in both the society and the study.

Last but not least, I strongly recommend everyone to participate in this camp as we can kill three birds with one stone. They are managing conflicts, learning English and making new friends.
  • We are managing the conflict; it’s not easy at all.
  • We learn how to cope with others through playing games.
  • Frog? Bear? Mosquitoes? What a childish yet exciting game!
  • We enjoy playing in pairs, leading each other in the game.
  • The facilitators are demonstrating the game to us.
  • Discussion time! Open your mouth!
  • Campus of Li Po Chun United World College
  • Non-stop discussion strengthens our speaking skills.
  • Bears! Be quick and RUNNNN!!
  • Class 5W
  • Yoyo Chan made friends with two facilitators.
  • Which side catches which side?
  • We are learning to express our views.
  • Mass games again!
  • Listening to others is also vital in managing a conflict.