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What could be more enjoyable and rewarding than writing your own script and putting up a drama with your classmates on the characters that you adore? That was what the Form 3 students did when they took part in the grand final of the Drama Competition, organized by the English Department on 10 April. The competition is the climax of the learning of drama as part of the Language Arts curriculum in Form 3. Students wrote a script in groups on a sequel to their class reader “Matilda”, and performed a live drama in class afterwards. Under the guidance of our native and local English teachers, students received training on such knowledge and techniques as scriptwriting, voice projection and acting. This project enabled students to sharpen both their presentation and language skills.

Thanks to Mr. Tang, one of our English teachers, for being the adjudicator.

Results of the grand final are as follows:
The Best Script – 3W
The Best Sound Effects – 3W
The Best Actor – Jonathan Liu (3R)
The Best Actress – Charlie Wong (3R)
The Best Overall Performance – 3R

Congratulations to all the winners!
  • The winning team - 3R
  • The Best Actress
  • The Best Actor
  • The Best Script & the Best Sound Effects – 3W
  • The actors really get into their roles.
  • The students are enjoying the show.