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In order to help our students establish a healthy and positive attitude, the Life Education Committee has organized a movie appreciation activity. All staff and students went to a special showing of the film ‘Captain Marvel’ on the morning of 29 March 2019 (Friday) at the Festival Grand Cinema. The big brothers and big sisters helped to serve our students by distributing small packs of popcorn to them before the show.

After the film, students went back school to have a debriefing session with their class teacher. Some students shared that being a superhero is not an easy task, and that they would rather be an ordinary person. While others felt that if we can make good use of our super power, it certainly can help those in need in society. Besides, some senior form students felt that it is important to do the right thing, rather than the engage with evil friends. To sum up, most students enjoyed watching the movie and hope to have such an activity again in the coming year.

  • Students were enjoying their popcorn and couldn’t wait to watch