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On the 23rd February, 2019, Class 3B joined a voluntary work from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Jockey Club Kwai Fong Youth S.P.O.T. The recipients of the voluntary work were the children in the neighbourhood. They started the day by preparing fun activities involving creativity for toddlers and children, like teaching origami. They also set up some game booths for them. A total of 50-60 children enjoyed what they had prepared. As the matter of fact, they put a lot of effort into the service, and they had fun in the meantime. What’s more, they have learnt more about the communication skills with kids and organisational skills during the service. The active participation of the children will always remind them that it is their thought that makes people smile, no matter how big a difference they have made.

  • Some 3B girls are preparing a paper tunnel for children to play.
  • Students are teaching the kids to make handicraft patiently.
  • The kids are learning how to make a beautiful stamp.
  • Two 3B boys are explaining how sound can be heard.
  • A boy is doing graffiti on the paper tunnel.
  • Some kids are learning origami: making a pretty paper swan.
  • Teachers and students involved in this voluntary service.
  • Group photo of 3B students joining this voluntary service.