Talent Pool Activity: International Reading Forum at King Ling College ‹ BACK
On 27 February, Form 3 students from our Talent Pool, including those who excel in English, Mathematics and Science, attended King Ling College’s International Reading Forum, accompanied by our school librarian, Ms. Jasmin Tsui and our NET, Ms. Michele Sparrow.
At the beginning of the afternoon event, the principal of King Ling College welcomed all of us with an entertaining speech about the books he had enjoyed reading as a secondary school student. After that, he introduced a panel of principals from Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan and Korea. Each of them in turn gave a one-minute presentation on their favourite book, which helped make many of the young presenters, local and overseas students alike, relax a little bit.
Soon it was time for the main event: the book sharing individual presentations. What made this event successful, as it has been in the past, is that our students could choose which presentations to go and listen to, according to their interests. There were many genres to choose from, including science fiction, adventure, romance, an inspiring figure, and the like. Titles included The Hunger Games, Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby, Einstein: His Life and Universe, and many, many more. Three of our Form 4 students, namely Elaine Lau, Karina Lee and Alisha Wong of 4B, presented The Little Prince, In Order to Live and The Fault in Our Stars, respectively. In addition to the individual presentations, students could watch several different plenary discussions on certain texts, as well as a debate on the energy crisis. Overall, it was a very enjoyable and fruitful experience for our Talent Pool students.