Diamond Jubilee Alumni Dinner – a Night to Remember ‹ BACK
Over the past six decades, Methodist College has nurtured countless, excellent individuals. The alumni reunion dinner was held at the Paramount International Banquet Hall, from 7-10:30 pm on 3rd November, 2018.

The dinner started with a video of the collective memories of MCers over the years. The video included photos from different generations, from black and white to vivid colors. The background music of the video is a song written by a band made up of our alumni of the class of 1994. The video was followed by a short video from our former teachers, alumni and current students, saying “happy birthday” to our beloved college.

Right after the two videos were played, the lion dance performers dedicated by our alumni took over the stage. As we all know, lion dance is a type of traditional form of Chinese performing arts, but the most impressive part was that they were dancing to hip hop music. It was a mix of Chinese and Western culture, traditions and creativity.

After that, our principal Ms. Wong gave her welcoming speech, to thank the former teachers and alumni for coming back to celebrate the 60th anniversary. Our school supervisor, Dr. Raymond Chen, also gave a speech about his life with Methodist College during his terms as a member of the school management team. Finally yet importantly, the president of Methodist College’s Alumni Association, Mr. Samson Wong, expressed his gratitude for seeing so many alumni gather and actively participating in the events organized by the MCAA.

Then, the chaplain of our school Rev Lo Wai Ki did a prayer with us. Afterwards, the MCs invited our principal Ms. Wong, the president of MCAA Mr. Wong and the Students’ Union President Moses Ma to the stage to lead the singing of the school song. It was the most touching scene of the night, which also marked the beginning of the dinner.

During the dinner, one of our alumni, Dennis Chan, the founder of a well-known jewellery brand Qeenlin, was invited to the stage to introduce the pendant that he designed for our school. Moses Ma was also invited on stage for the hoodie promotion. As the day after would be the premiere of the anniversary documentary Love Eternity, the trailer was shown.

Last but not least, the alumni went up to the stage to take photos according to the year that they graduated. It also marked the end of the celebration dinner. I was there from the beginning to the end. Seeing the smiles on the alumni’s faces, I am glad that I am a member of Methodist College and I look forward to seeing more and more alumni next year.

By Alisha Wong(4B)
  • A fusion of hip hop and lion dance by our alumni
  • What a cherished occasion for alumni!
  • Our smart MC team!
  • Ms Wong delivering a speech of welcome
  • What a momentous gathering!
  • Alumni with their beloved teachers
  • Singing the college song in unison
  • Taking a class photo with teachers in SU hoodies
  • Alumni with their beloved teachers
  • Presenting the souvenir to Mr. Dennis Chan