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The F.3 Careers Day was on January 17, 2019. On that day, all F.3 students attended a Workplace Visit to Disneyland. There were two workshops, “Disney’s Foundations for Career Success” and “Disney’s Hospitality in Practice”.
Through their participation in the workshops, students learned about the work culture and job opportunities at Disneyland.
In the “Disney’s Foundations for Career Success” workshop, students explored Disney Culture: the hiring process, heritage, traditions and work environment. Besides, they discovered and discussed the role of training and its relationship to work attitude, job expertise and exceptional work environment. Finally, they conversed with a Disney Leader to learn the importance of displaying a proper work attitude.
In the “Disney’s Hospitality in Practice” workshop, students observed the daily operations of hospitality services at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and within the theme park. They also explored the fun facts and challenges of the industry, through real-life case sharing and interaction with Cast Members in the Resort. Moreover, they understood the service keys and operation basics of a world-class resort. Finally, they established positive values and a guest-orientated mindset, which is required in excelling within the hospitality industry.
All these activities provided a golden opportunity for students to discover the importance of having a positive work attitude and the skills needed to do different jobs.
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