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Collecting rubbish at the beach with the help of volunteers and officials from the Environmental Protection Department.

Students’ reflection 1:
From this activity, I found that there is so much rubbish at the beach. People shouldn’t be so selfish by leaving a large amount of rubbish there. We should cherish the beauty of nature. I hope more people can help saving the beaches so that we can enjoy the environment in the future. (Kevin Lam)

Students’ reflection 2:
Before this activity, I had no idea about the amount of rubbish at a beach. However, while picking the rubbish, I realized that the activity was very meaningful, because rubbish will affect the people living there. The smell of the rubbish is bad. So the rubbish will affect people’s health. (Terrance Leung)

Students’ reflection 3:
I have learnt a lot from this activity. I thought that the environment of Hong Kong is very good, but this is not the case, when I saw the rubbish on the beach cleaning day. I was shocked and wonder why there was so much trash. I threw rubbish when I was having barbecues on the beach before. I won’t do that any more in the future. (Brian Yep)
  • Students are listening to the briefing
  • Rubbish collection
  • It was a meaningful class activity