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An Extraordinary Visit to Ocean Park
By Wong Chun Ming and Li Hoi Yue, Environmental Protection Society

Twenty of us had an unforgettable day in Ocean Park on November 7, 2011. The purpose of this trip was not just for entertainment, but to know more about the operation of the Park through attending a workshop conducted by an educational officer of the Park.

The officer expressed that the Park emphasized diversification and the company treats employees as indispensible assets. The park adapts multi-cultural features in different seasons. The organization structure of the Park is not as simple as we first thought. The 33 departments in the Park introduced by the officer are very eye opening. The Park also emphasizes “ASK” just similar to our “MCKLN” slogan. ASK stands for attitude, skill and knowledge respectively. The preparation of the facilities involves environmental protection as well. As Halloween was over, they preserve the remaining materials for next year. This minimizes pollution. Moreover, the Park aims at conserving dolphins to prevent their extinction. We all need to contribute to dolphins conservation so as to maintain our natural ecosystem

After the workshop, we were split into two groups. Ten of us visited the Ocean Theatre. After appreciating the dolphin show, we were honoured to chat with one of the dolphin trainers. He shared with us the details of how he got along with dolphins and sea lions. His sharing etched in our ears. “The effort I paid was painstaking,” he said, “I have to guess what the dolphins would like to do next in order to instruct them to obey the mission. It is just a psychological game. Also, don’t believe they are your pets.”

Trainers need to record dolphins’ health recovery if the dolphins are wounded, play with them, purify the pool and even clean dolphins’ excretion. It is not easy to be a trainer.
"As long as you develop a fondness for dolphins, you will get used to it.” Being a trainer, you should contribute to animal protection. Besides, diving and swimming are the prerequisites of the job. “You should also familiarize with their eating habits as well,” the trainer added.

Through our conversation, we were able to feel how the staff in the Park applied the slogan in execution of his duties. The sharing session with the trainer enlightened us that ASK was the core value of the devoted staff in the Park.

When we were observing whether the staff were applying ASK, we also observed that recycling bins are everywhere. Apart from maintaining the Park's cleanliness, it also raises visitors' environmental awareness.

In addition, this trip has reminded us what we can do to protect our environment. We need to conserve the ocean in order to prevent dolphin's habitat from being polluted so as to save them from extinction. Dolphins should have the right to survive.

What a gorgeous morning! Apart from having fun on roller coasters, it was a fruitful day!