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The 3rd of November, 2018 marked a special occasion for homecoming of alumni and guests to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee. A series of special events were held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our College. Let’s catch a glimpse of the wonder of the day!

Rock the Hall and Busking

When we first stepped in the entrance of South Wing, we heard a lot of wonderful singing which echoed with the sound of musical instruments. To celebrate the 60th Anniversary, our school held two new events for the Founder’s Day. They were Rock the Hall and busking. Rock the hall was a live band show performed by our students and alumnus in the Lower Hall from 9 am to 12 pm. For the busking, it was held in the covered playground. Our Vice Principal, Mr Chong and our teacher, Mr Leung performed in the busking too.

Kids World - Interview with Alumni

At the covered playground, we witnessed the gathering of alumni having fun with their kids in the basketball court. We were glad to see the homecoming of numerous alumni with their family. Ms Chan Wing Yee (Pui Sheh), said that there were changes in the facilities of classrooms and the new South Wing campus when compared with her old school days. Many things have remained the same since her graduation such as the basketball court and the Main Building. She missed her secondary school life such as studying happily with her classmates together.

Through interviewing the alumnus, Mr Lui Pui Yin (Cham Sheh), we know more about Methodist College. He said that the Jubilee Garden and the basketball court still remained in MC since his graduation. He also considered enrolling his child in Methodist School and Methodist College in the future. He was thrilled that the homecoming enabled him to meet a lot of his former classmates to take photos with them.

Another alumnus, Mr Kwan Yu Bun (Fai Sheh), said that time flew for our school to be in the 60th Anniversary. He mentioned that there weren’t big changes in our school except the Art Room and Music Room which had been moved from the canteen to South Wing. He felt delighted that many teachers who had taught him before were still working in MC. Participating in English Speaking Day and Inter-singing Contest gave him fond memories of his school life.

Selling of souvenirs
Different shareholders of our school have prepared many souvenirs for alumni and students to buy. The school has prepared a schedule book, stickers, umbrella and a personalized music box. The Alumni Association has designed a mini-campus block, teddy bears in uniforms and invited Dennis Chan, our alumnus and the founder of Qeelin to design a pendant and a brooch with diamonds. Our Students’ Union has also designed a special edition hoodie.

They all had stalls at the main entrance of the school. When we asked them how they felt about selling these souvenirs, they said they were glad that they designed all these as the alumni liked the souvenirs so much. The representatives from the Students’ Union also said that they heard an alumnus saying they did a great job, which made them grateful. An alumnus also mentioned that the souvenirs were well designed as he could use these in his daily life which reminded him of the bonding with Methodist College.

Mr. Au Chung Kwan ( Hang Sheh) who graduated in 2004 was so thrilled to come back this year as he had not been here for a long time. He was glad that the school provided an area for kids to play so his friends can let their children play there safely and talk to him. He also remarked that Methodist College was another home to him. The atmosphere didn’t change a bit. People were friendly as always and full of love. He missed the part when he went out for lunch with his friends here. He hoped the school can keep its traditions and friendly atmosphere.

Ms. Li Hiu Ying ( Tung Sheh) who graduated in 2016 was so glad to come back with her friends in secondary school this year. After she left the college, she met people from other schools. She realized that the bonding and connections of classmates of our school was much stronger than other schools. They hang out a lot, especially at the beginning of a new semester. She missed walking up the slope. She always looked forward to the day when the school would have its 100th anniversary and they would come back together with their grandchildren. Even thinking of that made her feel excited.

Photo Corner
As a remembrance for alumni and teachers, the photo corner was set up, allowing teachers and their former student to embrace their waves of nostalgia and as a priceless gift for them for our school’s sixtieth anniversary. The photo corner took place in the SAC, where advanced equipment were standing by to capture the valuable moments as the alumni returned.

Mr. Liu, a graduate in 1981 and is now a biologist in USA, believes that Methodist College has a deep and strong role in this society. As a history landmark, it is meaningful as it thrived in this society. He also claimed that Methodist College gave him some of the most wonderful gifts in his life, such as directing him to set up his goals when he was young and gave him friendship, which lasted from the time he was a Form 1 student until now. As an encouragement to the school, he wished that the school would keep on developing.

The school prepared food and snacks for everyone to enjoy. Pasta, salads, and rice were all included in the refreshment. The canteen was crowded as the alumni enjoyed delicious meal there.

Miss Chan was one of them. She was a graduate in 1985, who also was the chairperson of Hon Sheh. As an alumna and a parent whose son is also studying in Methodist college, she realized the vast changes in the school, especially in teaching methods. The educational system has developed as different SACs are set up to arouse further developments in students’ potential. She said that she had a warm and genial feeling as she was welcomed by various activities such as Rock The Hall which included lots of bands. Moreover, she still believed that the aim of Methodist College wasn’t only in education, but also in its enthusiasm in preaching. She knew that Methodist College will find and help the ones who need help. She summarized the mission with one verse from the bible: to seek and to save the lost.

There were also younger alumni visiting the school in the canteen, like Mr. Tse, who was a graduate in 2005. He was the deputy of the former Students’ Union. In this anniversary, he would like to express his delightful for meeting his loving wife during his secondary school life. He even shared a funny experience he had, in which every time students were late for class and were asked to write down the reasons for not being punctual, the students would often write one line: doesn’t know time flies when we’re having fun.

What a day to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee with our beloved alumni and friends of the college!

By Marco Ng(4B), Alisha Wong(4B) and Bryce Chan(3R)
  • Mr Leung singing joyfully in the Busking
  • The sounds of music in the covered playground
  • What an enjoyable performance!
  • Showcasing of musical talents
  • Kids of our alumni playing happily in the Kids World
  • Ms Chan Wing Yee and her family
  • Mr Lui Pui Yin and his family
  • Mr Kwan Yu Bun and his family
  • Selling of hoodies designed by our Students’ Union
  • Sale of souvenirs for alumni and students
  • Photo corner in the Main Entrance
  • Funny props for photo taking
  • Alumni taking photo with teacher
  • Alumni chatting with teacher in the tea gathering