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The Sports Days of 2018-19 were successfully held on the 27th September and the 2nd October, 2018 at the Sham Shui Po Sports Ground. We were grateful to have the presence of our supervisors Reverend Lo Wai Ki and Doctor Dr. Chen Cheung I Raymond, our principal, Miss Emily Wong, parents, teachers, alumni and students to show their enthusiastic support on both the heat and final round of Sports day.

Not only were there field events like shot put, high jump and javelin, but also track events like relay and hurdle. The athletes were fully appreciated for their efforts and sportsmanship. The events ended up with a round of applause and encouragement because of their participation and perseverance.

Students on the stadium were separated into 5 houses. The houses were all eager to compete for the award of the Best Cheering Team. We played our parts well by joining hands to chant our slogans as loud as we could. We did our utmost and spare no pains to show and express our support to the athletes in order to show our unity.

To mark the end of the ceremony, our principal, supervisors and parish worker gave us some encouragements. Although only the Yellow House (Ching Sheh) won the Best Cheering Team, the sweat and tears of other houses in both joining the events and supporting the athletes were worthy of our appreciation.

By Jason Lee, 4B
  • Competing in long jump
  • Marching of Cheerleading Team
  • Chanting slogans for cheering
  • Award winners
  • Members of Orange House
  • Competing in high jump
  • Spirit of unity on the running track
  • Ms Emily Wong in the closing ceremony
  • Dr. Chan delivering a speech in the closing ceremony