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On 1 November, 2018, Class 3R received 18 guests from Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong with tremendous excitement. After much anticipation, they finally met the students from countries they may not have dreamed of visiting, including Egypt, Kenya, Bolivia, The Czech Republic and Iraq.

The one-hour exchange began with an introduction of the two schools and some interesting facts about the countries of our guests. The highlight of the event was the group activities held by our students, such as local food tasting, drama performance, paper toy making, language learning games and simple Cantonese Opera demonstration, through which the students from the two schools learned more about each other’s culture.

I think we have done well performing a drama to teach them the idiom about shield and spear and we have learned to interact with people from different countries. But we should have spoken more loudly.
--Terrence Ma

We successfully taught them some useful Cantonese. They understood us well and learned quickly. It was fun to learn about the culture and language of different countries.

--Deborah Cheung

They laughed a lot as we taught them to play some traditional games. It all went well, except that we could shorten the introduction and have better time management. We enjoyed learning their languages too.

--Kimmy Tang
  • A student from Bolivia teaching Spanish
  • Students tasting Hong Kong street food
  • Drama performance introducing Chinese traditions
  • Students learning foreign languages attentively
  • Teaching and learning of paper folding
  • A group photo of our Principal, teachers and students