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On the 23rd of April, our school’s English Drama team went to the EMI Drama Festival, organized by the Association of the English Medium Secondary Schools. The competition was certainly a revelation for all of our Drama team members.

We were excited about this year’s drama, as it was our very first time to write our own script. Apart from being an actor in the show, I was also glad to be one of the scriptwriters for this year. We first did some brainstorming within the group. After deciding on the theme of dreams, we asked the Drama team members for their opinions. We discussed their personal goals and experiences when they talk about their dreams with their family: how their families react and whether or not they are supportive. After all the consultations, we realized that we chose a topic to which many of us can relate. Because of this, our script writing process went very well and smoothly. The only thing that I consider as a pity was that we had to cut the script short for the Festival, as it exceeded the maximum time that we could use onstage. However, it made us enjoy and cherish the moments that we had under the spotlights.

Our drama, Let’s Grow in Art, is mainly about a girl named Lucy, who dreams of becoming an artist. Unfortunately, her mum wants her to study to be a doctor, as her own mum, Lucy’s grandmother, has dementia and is in the hospital. While Lucy is struggling with this dilemma, a fairy called Marshmallow appears, offering her two options: one is to save her grandmother but give up her dream; the other is to let her grandma go, to achieve her own dream.

We might not have the exact same drama as Lucy, but I believe all of us have something in our life, deep inside our hearts, that we cherish. Playing Lucy, I was very pleased to receive an award, as one of the Outstanding Performers at the Festival.

Alisha Wong 3R

  • English Drama Team with their coach, Ms. Gia Yu
  • Students performing at the EMI Drama Festival
  • The cast of Let’s Grow in Art take their final bows