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Donate blood – Save Lives
By Fang Zhiliang 3W

Since a very young age, we’ve been taught the virtue of generosity, the gift of giving and dedicating ourselves to serving and helping those less fortunate than we are. On November 11th this year, our school’s Red Cross joined hands with the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion in a blood donation campaign in which many students and teachers went the extra mile and enthusiastically dedicated themselves to this cause – right here at Methodist College. We are pleased to announce that 80 units of blood were collected on that day.

Whilst blood donation is not entirely unheard of, taking part in its procedures in person has been, for many donors, especially first-time participants, an entirely new experience, one that inevitably evokes certain fear and discomfort at the thought of drawing blood from the body. But it is also one that continues to carry great meaning.

The donation procedures, as described by student donor and our school’s Red Cross senior section leader Aaron Mok, are illegible to physically capable volunteers after a confirmation of being at least 16 years of age and passing a simple test, and are, to an extent, exhausting. However, he says, drawing a few milliliters of blood and the fettle afterwards, both of which can be recovered from, is nothing compared to the joy in being able to help suffering patients who need it the most, a thought that, needless to say, accompanied many other donors throughout the process.

We do not need to go a long way to lend a helping hand; you’d be surprised by how much the smallest efforts can mean a great blessing – even the renewal of someone’s life. Aaron, on behalf of our Red Cross personnel, urges those illegible to partake in the blood donation campaign whether within or outside the school and commit to the cause of serving those in need, all of whom deserve another chance at life to enjoy, as we are fortunate enough to do so, all of its beautiful offerings. Donating blood doesn’t take away a lot, he says, but it definitely gives so much more.