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Recently, Vincent Wong from 4W, Batsy Choy from 4G, Esther Wong from 4B and I went on an immersion programme to the United Kingdom, from 23 June to 7 July, for experiencing a British school life in Bradford, Yorkshire. We studied in Woodhouse Grove School with the Year 12 students, who are preparing for their A-level examinations. All of us have met new friends with different cultural backgrounds and broadened our horizons. We all had a great time in England!

All students there were congenial to us and very helpful. They greeted us with smiles and some of them even introduced themselves to us when they met us in the campus. Besides, they helped us find our classroom or even brought us there when we were confused about the several buildings in the campus. Apart from that, we had a great time in our boarding houses, boys in Brodwell House while girls in Miller House. On the occasion of World Cup, we watched the matches in the common room together. Especially when England was involved in the matches, our emotions fluctuated with goals and the atmosphere of the common room was intense. Sometimes we were exhilarated with goals and cheered but sometimes we were down with goals and booed. What’s more, we had an opportunity to meet Dr. Hollingworth, the former English teacher of our school, in a café with traditional English architectural style in Leeds. He shared with us his teaching career in our school, the differences between Hong Kong and British students and our school history. His sharing was really interesting as those experiences are totally new for us.

As the old saying goes, “He that travels far knows much”. After this immersion programme, not only can we explore more about different corners of the world by stepping out of our comfort zones, but we also can create many unforgettable and valuable memories during the trip.

4B Nicole Yu

  • The girls’ boarding house
  • Esther in Miller House
  • Lunch with Mr Vernon, a teacher at WGS, in Leeds
  • Meeting with Dr. Hollingworth
  • We presented souvenirs to Mr. Lockwood, the principal of Groveho