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This Lunar New year, I had a wonderful experience, which was going on the Oversea Leadership Training Program. This was the first time I joined the leadership training program and it was an unforgettable experience for me.

By joining the Leadership Training Program, I have expanded my knowledge. For example, people in New Zealand use the word ‘kia ora’ to greet each other instead. ‘Kia ora’ is from the Maori language and simple means ‘hello’ in New Zealand. Moreover, the culture in New Zealand is totally different from Hong Kong. For instance, the music in New Zealand is different. Hip-hop is popular in New Zealand and there is a small, but thriving live music scene. In Hong Kong, Cantopop is famously popular.
This year, we have discovered six themes, three of which were Maori, catering culture, the natural environment (volcanoes). We visited a Maori village, the Museum of the History of Volcanoes and several History museums. It broadened my horizons.

I still remember that at first, our group had nothing to chat about, because we were not familiar with each other. Even after we arrived in New Zealand, we just used WhatsApp to communicate with others. But once, as we wanted our instructor to be more relaxed and happy with our group, we decided to go to aquarium on a free day as a surprise for him. After that, we became more talkative. Also, after organizing the surprise, our minds were in sync and we got closer to one another. I would like to use the word ‘family’ to describe our group. Also, I would like to thank our instructor for being a leader who lead us to become closer with each other.

During the leadership period, I experienced many ‘firsts’. For example, it was the first time I spoke English every time I bumped into someone. It was also the first time to go overseas with twenty-seven people. This overseas experience was very valuable to me, because this year is my final year of being a junior form student. I learnt something from each mistake I made and each obstacle I encountered.

After this program, I think the most important thing is to develop your ideas bravely and discuss things with others. Also, don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

For me, I will keep my new friendships as a treasure in my life. As the old saying goes, ‘The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.’ Before the program, we treated each other as strangers, but now, we have become a family.

To conclude, I would describe this Overseas Training Program as fantastic. I consider this experience as the best in my life so far.

Winky Cheu 3R