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The F.6 Graduation Ceremony was held on 3 July 2018 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the Church Sanctuary. We were delighted to have the presence of Reverend Lo Wai Ki, our Chaplain and Dr. Chen Cheung I Raymond, our Chairman and Supervisor and our principal, Miss Emily Wong, parents and students to bid farewell to our fellow F.6 students in the ceremony.

The ceremony started by singing the college hymn. After that, Reverend Lo gave us a sermon. Not only did he encourage the graduates by facing difficulties bravely in the future, but he also shared a quote from the Bible with us. The quote and his speech highlighted the importance of faith in God. By trust in God, we gain confidence and success.

Next, Dr. Chen presented the Graduation Certificates to the F.6 students. Reverend Lo also presented subject prizes and awards to them.

Then, the graduates expressed their vote of thanks by sending 4 representatives up to the stage. They gave us a heartwarming speech to thank teachers and parents who taught them by using their wisdom, patience and experience. Not only did the graduates present their gifts for expressing their votes of thanks, but they also prepared a video which captured their remarkable and delightful memories within the 6-year-school life.

Last but not the least, our principal gave us an inspiring speech which reminded us the core values of our school , to be a modest and caring student, which would be definitely useful in the future. Although there will be ups and downs which make us feel depressed and pessimistic, by believing in God, we could overcome difficulties and adversity with courage and faith.

Next, Reverend Lo led us in prayer and gave us a benediction. The ceremony ended with a round of applause to the graduates after the choir performance and singing of the college song.

We sincerely hope that our big brothers and sisters will fulfill their dreams by paying efforts. Although they all have their dreams to achieve and ways to go, they will surely never forget their second home, Methodist College, which played an important role in their lives.

By Jason Lee 3W
  • Ricky and Venus served as the MCs.
  • Reverend Lo Wai Ki shared a sermon.
  • Dr. Chen Chung I, Raymond with the graduates
  • Presenting subject prizes
  • Vote of thanks by F.6 graduates
  • Ms Wong sharing words of encouragement
  • Choir performance
  • Parents with our F.6 graduate